Ray Masaki (真崎嶺) is a graphic designer from New York based in Tokyo. He runs an independent publishing project called Bathboys湯. Currently working at Takram. Previously working for Rikako Nagashima. This website is a selection of personal work and collaborations. ニューヨーク生まれのグラフィックデザイナー。2017年に拠点を東京へと移し、長嶋りかこに師事したのち、2019年よりTakramに参加。 ray[at]raymasaki.com tw ig are.na

Why is the salaryman carrying a surfboard? Available via Bathboys湯

Ray Masaki – Why is the salaryman

Invitation for SHOKKI “Coriolis” exhibition

Ray Masaki – SHOKKI

Ore Ore Book for Bathboys湯

Ray Masaki – Ore Ore

Ore Ore Closed T-shirt for Bathboys湯

Ray Masaki – Ore Ore Shirt

Vending Machine Stickers for Dream Market Popup

Ray Masaki – Vending Machine Stickers

Recycling Poster for Bathboys湯

Ray Masaki – Recyling Poster

Kokishin #1 Katoributa

Ongoing branding work for meanswhile

Ray Masaki – meanswhile

Poster for Galeria Rosa show in Thailand

Ray Masaki – Galeria Rosa Poster

Interpolation between Doraemon and Anpanman

Ray Masaki – Doraemon Anpanman Interpolation

Invite graphic for Al Garcia’s CIAO! show

Ray Masaki – CIAO! Invite

Invite for RHTMA product design exhibtion

Ray Masaki – RHTMA

RHTMA exhibition at AXIS gallery in Roppongi

Ray Masaki – RHTMA Exhibition

Logo for Camera クラブ project by Lindsay Arakawa

Ray Masaki – Camera クラブ

Typography for Dream Market by Janet Sung and Uchuu Summer

Ray Masaki – Dream Market

Japanese words that are difficult to describe in English on Are.na

Ray Masaki – Japanese words

Ongoing glossary of useful Japanese terms for graphic design on Notion

Ray Masaki – Japanese Design Glossary

Uniqlo RX-78-2 Gundam

Ray Masaki – Uniqlo RX-78-2 Gundam

Self Portrait, 2020

Ray Masaki – Photo